USA USA USA - The US Men's National Team earned their 2-0 win of Spain, Worlds #1 ranked team

I can tell you I was jumping up and down and yelling at my TV when Jozy Altidore scored and then Clint Dempsey to beat Spain, the Worlds #1 ranked team to earn a sport in the Confederations Cup final against either Brazil or South Africa on Sunday.

Everything myself and all the other fans and pundits were complaining about from the first two games against Italy and Brazil such as lack of heart, poor tactical decisions, questionable coaching, were all erased, first starting with the Egypt win and then with a well deserved victory over Spain.

No one can deny that the US did what they needed to in order to win that game. They defended as a unit and with stood 80 minutes of attacking soccer from Spain's technically and tactically superior players. Threw their bodies on the line to stop shots and crosses, were tactically smart and counter attacked with speed. Most importantly they converted on the two key opportunities they were given to beat Spain 2-0.

Any team that wins a major tournament needs a little luck and the US certainly got it with Brazil beating Italy 3-0 but they earned their 3-0 win over Egypt and had to defend well because this scenario was the only scoreline that would allow the US to advance and not end up in 8th and last place.

So please let me know what your thoughts are on the game, the team, the coach and what this means to US Soccer.

Make sure you watch or record the game on Sunday and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE spread the word and tell you players, teams, clubs, parents everyone you know to watch the game on ESPN on Sunday. It is about time that US Soccer fans showed ESPN and the media that we care about our National teams and will support them by watching them on TV over golf, motor racing, Tennis or whatever other sport is on this weekend.

Who knows, maybe the USA can beat Brazil and win their first major tournament. Wouldn't it be great to turn the soccer world on it's head and you wouldn't want to miss watching that live. No one, myself included expected us to be in this position. We beat Spain, so we can beat Brazil, we have done it before (albeit in a Friendly in Florida)



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Comment by Robert K Sebbale on June 25, 2009 at 12:23pm
I think it is in the American Psyche. Americans ordinarily believe they can win even in a sport that is inferior in their nation.

I hope and pray that this acts as a motivation to make soccer become a big thing in the USA to counteract Europe.
Comment by Kamal de Gregory on June 25, 2009 at 9:53am
As David said above, "This is another win for US persistency, character, and unselfish teamwork." Those are the X Factors that got us through to the finals.

I wish along with those attributes, I could also write, execution in attack, individual ball control and great field decisions as the reasons why. That is what will have the US feared but until that time. Brazil just need to play calm open football and we will need another hand of God to get us through.

By the way Felhaber, is the closest thing we have to a skillsmen like Kaka, we need 10 of those in 3 years.

Good Luck US.
Comment by Apostoli on June 25, 2009 at 8:29am
USA, USA, USA!!! Even my friends in Brasil were excited. Great job boys.
What is with the blizzard of red cards for usa players? Bradly's? Seriously? Maybe he should ask the Spanish attacker to give him the ball with a "Pretty please?". Shame on you refs, and FIFA.
As for the USA they better close down the wings faster in the championship or it will be over quickly.
If Casey is not gong to play with more energy he should leave the MNT immediatly.
Comment by David Caetano on June 25, 2009 at 6:23am
hello Tim, all,
What a great example of team play, players working for the team and enjoying what they were doing.
This win is a win for all youth soccer players and the youth national teams. Knowing they could get on the field and beat any team in the world. Lot´s of pleasure off coaches and players across the country. Now more focus on getting better with less pleasure placed on players, I hope. This will allow for a better and speedier development of players and teams.

Coach Bradley must have had a talk with Donavon before the Egypt game. He came in playing and taking a leadership role in both Egypt and Spain game. No question that if he had a career in one of the top teams in Europe he would certainly be one of the top in the world. He of course is when it comes to big games.

The two breakaway chances in the 2nd half may not of been offsides and could of added another goal.

Coach Bradley deserves as many accolades as the players on the field.

This is another win for US persistency, character, and unselfish teamwork. This done with very few fouls and sportsmanlike play. That´s a winner with class.

David Caetano

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